Birchwood Ravenna Soap

Looking for the perfect gift?

A Deep, Woodsy, Masculine scent. Rich and clean yet earthy. A complex mix of cypress, ozone, lime, oud, leather, amber and frankincense.


Ravenna Soap is the Perfect Gift for EVERYONE including but not limited to...
-Those with SENSITIVE SKIN will absolutely LOVE the Nourishing and Healing Properties Ravenna Goat Milk Soap offers.

-Those who prefer ORGANIC, ALL-NATURAL Products will appreciate Hand-made, All-Natural Soaps.
-Those concerned with the ENVIRONMENT will love the Eco-Friendly packaging and the natural ingredients in every bar.
-MINIMALISTS don't want more stuff! They appreciate consumable gifts.
Ravenna Soap is perfect for those who already have everything.
Who doesn't use Soap?

Ingredients: Olive oil, Goats Milk, Coconut oil,
Sustainable Palm oil, Sodium Hydroxide,
Castor oil, Phthalate-free Fragrance
Net wt (4.oz)

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